This study aimed to develop scale of Selectiv Mutism with pupils of primary schools according to their teachers' view in Baghdad city (Karh and Resaf(.Children might choose the mutism as the solution to avoid some psychological and social problems that surrounded them. Furthermore, this could consider as a disorder that could effect the child and led him to use the Selected Mutism. This is supported by the pilot study which was conducted by the researcher on 150 teachers in different primary schools in Baghdad. The results revealed some symptoms were found with children who have selected mutism. Because of there was no scale was found to measure the Selected Mutism, a scale was develop in order to measure the Selected Mutism on pupils of primary schools. In order to achieve the study aim, the researcher had followed the following steps:1-some items was formulated and collected according to the literature review and the pilot study that was conducted on teachers from different primary schools in Baghdad. The scale included 48 items. 2- The scale was presented on number of experts of psychologist in order to evaluate the validity of items of the scale. According expert's view, all the items were appropriate and validate. 3-The test was conducted on 100 students (female and male) according to their teachers' view who were chosen randomly from four primary schools in Baghdad (Resafaa and Kharh) for the academic year 2014-2015. 4-Some statistical analysis were used with the items (discrimination, and validation).5-Some psychometric properties were conduced:The face validity. Reliability: Cronbach's alpha was used and the reliability score was( .96).6- After the results of statistical analysis, 12 items were excluded from the scale and the final version of the scale was includes 36 items.7- Some recommendation and suggestions were presented in order to develop the study in the future