Histological changes of gastric ulcer in rabbits treated with rapebrazole


In order to study the stomach of rabbits, twelve rabbits were divided into three groups, ulcer, treatment and control group. All animals were included in this study were from the animal in house in college of Veterinary Medicine-Karbala University. This work includes anatomical and histological studies to examine for effects of the Rabeprazole during induce ulceration by 20% acetic acid. The present histological effects study revealed that the ulcer group has enumerate changes accrue in mucosa an sub – mucosa. After 4 hours we opened the gastric of ulcer group, showing the inflammation region in internal surface in fundic area but most of internal surface was normal. The main histological changes observed were damage and destroyed of epithelia cell and arrangement of parietal cell as a long cord reach in surface while the parietal cells in control and treatment group as acini-circle shape. By contrast, rabbits of all treated groups showed healing signs, such as reductions of ulcer sizes and inflammatory area, with some extent of mucosal regeneration re-epithelization, glandular organization, and proliferation of connective tissue cells granulation tissue. This study showed that densely fibrosis in sub mucosa in treatment group and less number of inflammatory aggregate cells.