Cultural Globalization and the Erosion of National Identity


This research is aimed to draw a general framework for the relationship between globalization and cultural identity. It also aims to identify the content of the trend towards globalization among society members. In addition to this, it clarifies the relationship between identity components and layout values among community members, and variables of globalization in our time. As well as, the study of globalization and the extent of the negative and positive effects on youth and their cultural identity.And, it presents the followingquestion:What are the manifestations of globalization, its immigrant impacts on self-Westernization, the marginalization of personality, and the generalization of another type of consumption culture that is replete with utilitarian values and Western popular culture?From this main question, a group of sub-questions emerges. They are: -How can we deal with cultural globalization?-To what extent that cultural values of the youth are effected, especially in light of modern communication revolution as an essential means of globalization? -What is the status of Arabic language as an essential element of the cultural identity elements for community members, especially in light of the prominence of foreign languages?-The role of the civil society in dialogue communication and identity preservation?The importance of this research lies in explaining the importance of language and identity, and the relationship between them. It addresses the impact of informational openness on the affected, especially young people and children. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach, so that to know the role and the effects of globalization on identity.The research found that culture is a fundamental component of the conscience of any society. It reflects the historical depth that accumulated in the society. It also found out that culture reflects national identities, and thus there is an urgent need for cultural communication.Cultural globalization is considered as a threat to national identity, for that it tries to transform the pattern of the lifestyle into the Western pattern.And, because of that, our cultural presence in the arena of life will serve as a fort that saves our privacy and our identity through interaction with civilized global climate, and prove Arab cultural identity in front of the other.Eventually, transform our culture from consuming culture into a productive culture, like other Western counterpart cultures.