Study of Effect of Sodium fluoride on Male Reproductive system and some blood Parameters in Albino Rabbit


The present study has been carried out to Know the toxic effect of sodium fluoride on Albino rabbit males , for purpose study the histological Changes which include (Testis),moreover study the changes in some blood parameters and biochemistry and testosterone level . 10 Albino adult male rabbits were used in this experiment aging about (10-14) months the animals were treated with oral swallow for 12 weeks . The animals were divided to four groups : control group is oral treated with (0.9%) normal saline. First group was treated with 10 mg/kg of body weight sodium fluoride , second group was treated with 20 mg/kg of body weight sodium fluoride and third group was treated with 30 mg/kg of body weight sodium fluoride .The results of present study showed that the significant decreased in testosterone hormone level in the treated animals with sodium fluoride compared with control group ,while the histological results showed that the histological changes and reduction or freezed stages in spermatogenesis processes which timed with decreased in number of primary spermatocytes and secondary spermatocytes in addition to present of lymphocytes , also showed decreased in epididymus ducts and decreased number of sterocilia and decreased number of mature sperms.cholesterol, urea, transporter enzymes for (GOT, GPT) and bilirubin.It has been concluded that the animals treated with sodium fluoride lead to histological changes of organs and induction changes of some blood parameters and biochemical specially that all severe changes increased with increased concentration and time of exposure .