Jurisprudence of cash money for late Imamate.


Of subjects jurisprudence emerging cash paper, and scholars Late and contemporaries of the front and Islamic sects tried to explain the fact that the cash paper, the position idiosyncratic If it turns out it's easier release the appropriate sentence for him, have been mentioned in this several sayings area we discussed the most and we came to the fact that the paper money has no value, but its value would in the lid and balance, whether gold or other as a country, and on this basisOverbalance jurisprudence that fit this fact: not check usury Alamaaoda them for being numbered, does not require the two arrested in the Council, and should not be the Zakat, check out the loan usury which is forbidden, and where the true speculative contractBut as fruits and jurisprudence of the other words that we have discussed, we have stated to be incorrect