Lingusitic and Technical Reading in the poem ResaIt Ai shear Leishaer for Ahmed Al – waeiy


Abstract The poem represents a relation of sound with the poetic dection where we find him used the voiced sounds for the great events , and the voiceless sounds for the pleasant and smooth meaning . The preferring of the voiced sounds harmonized with the political literature which is the purpose of this poem that converts poetry from expressing feelings and emotions to the thoughts and doctrines which involves. strong expression It is noted that the poet used the long and short sounds at the beginning of each paragraph as(Ya, Mehrgan , qhaloo ) , where these sounds the auditory strongness , and that creats a wide atmosphere to exhibite the put forward meaning . We also find the repetation of the vocative style because the vocative sentence is connected with the imperative and negation sentences to consist perfect elements to show strong and open significances The rhyme is lat residents of the couplet , more than the half of couplets consists of Fluency letters to give a musical sound for the receiver, and the poet supported that by the (e'en) sound for the rhyme. The present tense comes 143 times in 96 couplet because he wants to treat the real status and to define the praised and the dispraised to depict the renewal status . This act has the ability of moving and interaction with a musical sound . Of the technical feature among the terms we find : Comfort- misery , palace – cottage , accept and etc. By these contradictory terms , the poet tried to depict the state of unbalance in country . Hence new linguistic relations are formed to make the red car comprehence the meaning of the couplet without more effort. The poet get use of repitation to express pain and to motivate the receiver . The short pouses daring reading the poem help the poet to reveal his purpose via the sound differences.