Estimation of Right Truncated Laplace Distribution, Simulation Study


this papers aim to parameter right truncated Laplace distribution estimate by some estimation methods (MOM, MM, PER and MLE), Simulation experiments was used for comparison between each of the estimators methods to obtain the best method to estimate the parameter. The simulation is to generate random data follow the distribution of Right truncated Laplace Distribution on three models of the real values of the parameter A_1 ( β=1) ,〖 A〗_2 (β=0.5) , A_3 ( β=3.4) , and with samples size (n=10, 25, 50, 75, 100) and sample iteration (N=1000). Comparisons have been made between the obtained results by using two creteriar, which they are estimation (MSE) and (MAPE), the results are given in tables for comparison purpose. The results indicate that:-In all the samples sizes, the (mom) method is the best of the other methods.