Sustainable rural development consider as basic strategy to develop rural areas, as it works to achieve a major changes in different aspects of life rural community in order to meet the needs of current generations and their future aspiration, there is important rule of sustainable development for rural areas, because of these areas depend mainly on intensive natural resources in their lands. Sustainable development can be achieved by stability of rural population in their areas. Generally, in Iraq we noticed that rural areas really suffers from many problems such as lack of stability, and emigration of rural people and then disappearance of these villages. The most important causes of instability are weakness of advance planning by decision-makers, designers and planners or weakness of future plans and strategies to develop the rural reality, So the importance of this research is to identify the criteria of achieving rural stability and to derive some indicators from it which can be measured and compared with a certain rural condition and then to clarify the role of these criteria in achieving sustainable rural development. This study include choosing a certain rural area located in Babylon province consisting from many villages which have the important elements of Sustainable development and disappearance of stability as a case study. Data collection had been done by frequent visiting of the area of the study and making personal interviews with rural dwelling in order to fill a special questionnaire paper to evaluate the indicators by those dwellers to reach the final results which determine the gap between measured indicators when it compared with the criteria of achieving rural stability and then to prepare suggestion to improve the level of master planning and design of the dwelling units.