The Performance Efficiency of Agricultural Extension Workers in The Transportation of Programs Agricultural Technology in The District of Tikrit/Slahaldeen


The research aim in general, to determine the level efficiency of the performance of worker in the transfer of technology in Tikrit district/Slahaldeen governorate. The research covered all agricultural extension workers in the district of Tikrit, Proportional random sample were chosen which amounted to 70%.The members of the research sample is totaled 40 respondents ,we have been used the questionnaire to collect a data that is consisted two parts, The dependent variable, where the 46 standard paragraph was created a special five graded measure of (very inquiry, inquiry, medium inquiry, low inquiry, very low inquiry. There for to check the validity, It has been showed to the specialist agricultural extension experts. The stability that account by Cronbach's Alph method with value (0.82) Search Results showed that is average of level performance of worker tends medium to low. The results showed that there is a weakness of information and knowledge- based technologies in the transportation of agricultural process for whom. Researchers recommendation is to prepare a training courses on practical steps transfer of agricultural technologies, and give this subject a great importance because it is leads to increased production and productivity.