Study of some Productive Aspects of Common Carp Cyprinus carpio Commercially Reared in Fish Farms / Kirkuk Governorate


This study was conducted in the laboratories of college of Agriculture/ University of Kirkuk for assessing of the production of common carp Cyprinus carpio in earthen farms in Kirkuk governorate by studying some of physiological and growth performance. Fish samples were collected from five earthen farms in different positions in Kirkuk governorate (first farm is located in Southeast of Kirkuk center, second and third farms in Northwest far 40km from Kirkuk and 50 km from Erbil, forth farm in the North-west of the city of Kirkuk city, 20 km of the province of Kirkuk, the fifth farm far 19 km from southeastern of Kirkuk city. This study was conducted from 1/6/2015 till 21/2/2016; fish were harvested by using Fishing hooks, Beach Seine Net and cast net. Fish saved in the cork containers then transferred directly to animal resources laboratory for further analyses. The statistical analyses showed that the second and fifth farms fishes exceed significantly in weight gain. Forth farm was significantly higher in specific growth rate and each of third and fourth farms showed higher relative high growth rate. The effect of initial weight on some production characteristics was obvious in weight 100 gm which exceed the weight 5 gm. The effect of protein ratio in the diet was observed in the weight gain in the fifth farm fishes above other farms. Regarding the condition factor, the fifth farm fishes displayed significantly higher level compared than the other farm.