Proposed model for the core indicators of performance in the frame of the quality of work life and quality standards: Experimental study in a number of secondary schools in the Kirkuk


Investors accounted the concept of quality at various levels of management in the interest of organizations, including the general public education institutions and to the importance of quality as competitive weapons, which included the organization of theoretical vision and operational application in schools, including the Kirkuk Education Directorate.I've indicated study I mentioned to researchers during the period that there is a gap between the actual reality of the schools and the philosophy of the quality of working life and the quality of the performance and the application of standards, so the goal of research to provide a model for indicators core performance and try to test it down to a specific arrangement for those schools under its performance.The research found a set of conclusions the most important acquisitions dimensional (organizational justice, physical working conditions, social conditions of work, organizational trust, appreciation moral), standards (the results, focusing on human resources, school leadership, measurement, analysis and knowledge management) in building a model of performance indicators substantial, and recommended Seathan need to use indicators correctly so that those concerned to monitor the status of public education in Iraq to assess the strengths and weaknesses, so as to provide for comparison with contemporary education systems basis, as researchers recommended to take advantage of the form to create a spirit of competition among public schools in each province through the development of quality Awards given annually to schools that characterized the application of indicators.