SWF Image Compression by Evaluating objects compression ratio


Abstract This work discusses the compression objects ratio for Macromedia Flash File (SWF) Image by Wavelet functions for compression and there effect for Macromedia Flash File (SWF) Images compression . We discusses classification objects in Macromedia Flash (SWF) image in to nine types objects Action, Font, Image, Sound, Text, Button, Frame, Shape and Sprite. The work is particularly targeted towards wavelet image compression best case by using Haar Wavelet Transformation with an idea to minimize the computational requirements by applying different compression thresholds for the wavelet coefficients and these results are obtained in fraction of seconds and thus to improve the quality of the reconstructed image. The promising results obtained concerning reconstructed images quality as well as preservation of significant image details, while, on the other hand achieving high compression rates and better image quality while DB4 Wavelet Transformation higher compression rates ratio without kept for image quality .