Effect of Adding Different Levels of Lycopene to The Diet in Productive Performance of Female Quail


This study was conducted in the Poultry Research Station- department of Animal Resources Research – office of Agricultural Research- Ministry of Agricultural Abu Ghraib, during the period from 9/8/2015 to 10/10/2015. The aim of this study was investigate the effect of adding different level of lycopene to the diet on productive performance of female quail. Four hundred eighty quail birds were used in this study at age 12 week , Quail birds distributed randomly to 4 treatments with 3 replicates (40 quail birds per replicate). Quail birds were fed one diet during the experiment. The diet contain 20 % crude protein and 2903 Kcal metabolic energy / kg. Lycopene was added to the birds diet from the beginning until the end of Experimental treatments were as follow T1 (Control diet) without supplement T2,T3 and T4 Supplementing 100 , 200 , 300( mg lycopene /kg diet) respectively. Results revealed that dietary supplementation with different levels of lycopene resulted in .Significant (P≤0.05) increase in egg production traits of female quail like egg production rate, cumulative egg number, egg weight, egg mass, and feed conversion ratio. Significant (P≤0.05) improvement in egg quality traits of female quail like yolk weight, albumen diameter, albumen height, egg shell weight and eggs shell thickness.We concluded from this study that we can adding lycopene to lycopene to the quail diets at Levels 200 mg/kg diet and get positive improvement in productive performance.