Formal Language Space Time Block Code for Mobile Network


Formal Language for Space Time Block Code (FL-STBC) is proposed to protect data in physical layer for mobile network and it can replace network code (NC) within STBC coding in which each pixel will change its location as 2D standard map and change the value of pixel by using set of keys (key, rx,ry) and two index or keys (h1 and h2). Key, rx and ry are generated based on Number Theory which is different and unduplicated. This method can generate keys in infinite keys, fast and simple manner. h1 and h2 which are generated according to color of each pixel. In (FL-STBC) new method 4-dimensions standard chaotic map is proposed to make diffusion and confusion on data. Test results show the strong of the proposed method. It makes randomness in transfer's data as Network Code and it operates in all cases if attacker channel is noiseless. Results of security measures for physical layer security, measures of image cipher (used as media through sending and receiving) and measure of randomness keys ensure an efficient and strong of method (FL-STBC).