Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Biological Activity of Some 1, 3, 4 – Oxadiazole Derivatives and Complexes with Some Metals and Transition Metals


1,3,4 – Oxadiazole are important compounds because of its versatile biological action such as antimicrobial, antimalarial, anticonvulsant, hypoglycemic, also analgesic, anti – inflammatory and anticancer. In the present study some phenolic 1,3,4 – oxadiazoles derivatives and their complexes with some transition elements have been synthesized and characterized by using elemental analysis (C, H, N, S and M) and spectroscopic (IR, H1 – NMR and UV-Visible), magnetic study and molar conductivity. All the physical and spectral data give good evidence for the accuracy of the prepared compounds and all the prepared complexes gives a good effect to the types of normal and fungi bacteria’s.