Isolation and diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori bacteria and Bioremediation


This study included isolation and diagnosis the Helicobacter pylori bacteria from patients who suffer from the patients who suffer from indigestion and intestinal disorder disease,who were referred to the "Digestive Endoscopy unit in Baquba Teaching Hospital by a specialist doctor .This study included 91 patients of both genders and age groups between( 15-75)years and from (12-11-2015 to 12-4-2016).A tissue biopsy was taken from every patient who was under the study from stomch cavity and small intestine (duodenum) to transplant bacteria and do biochemical tests for isolation and diagnosis bacteria,three cultural media were tested in the first isolation to these bacteria Modiffied Urea Columbia Agar (MUCA),then 69 isolates have been gotten, 50 of them were pure and 19 mixed ones were neglected as it was difficult to purify them because of the difference of in age among the different bacterial species , so it was relied on the pure ones to complete the study .By using the second culture media "Columbia blood Agar",45 pure isolates were isolates while the number of pure isolates in third cultue media "Brucella Agar Base "was 40 isolates .So the "MUCA"media was considered the most efficient one whereas the proportion of the isolation was 54.94% while the media BHI"Brain Heart Infusion Agar " showed high efficient in the secondary isolation for these bacteria. this study also included with biological treatment to H.pylori by Lactobacillus acidophilus which has previously been isolated and diagnosed in laboratory by transplanting them in age of 24 hours on BHI media,which its pH was 4.5 and this provided its success to the treatment as the inhibition zones were shown by using L.acidophilus in drilling manner after 24 hour.