This study deals with the assessment of local raw materials were collected from Iraqi Western Desert : DuekhlaKaolinitic clayston , Urdhuma silica sand , flint clay, karst bauxite and porcelnite . Another local materials wereused ( pure silica , silica from rice husk ash , MgCO3 , Mg(OH)2) .The raw material were crushed and ground toless than 45 μ .except the kaolin and silica sand were ground to less than 45 and 20 μ . Chemical andmineralogical analyses were carried out on the raw materials . Fifty mixture , were prepared from the aboveraw materials by mixing proportions having bulk composition near to that of stochiometric cordierite .250discoidal test tiles were formed by semi-dry pressing of 98 MPa ( 1000 kg/cm2 ) and 8% moisture content andthen fired at 1100 , 1200 and 1300 Cº with 50 Cº temperature rise per hour and soaking time tow hours . XRDof the test tiles showed that cordierite was formed at 1200 Cº and its crystallization increaser at highertemperatures , tiles which fired at 1300Cº containing 70% kaolin 5% pure silica and 25% MgCO3 consistmainly of cordierite , so this mixture is recommended in this study .