Effect of Plant Residues of Malva rotundifolia and Raphanus raphanistrum L. on Growth ,Yield and Yield Components of Mung Bean Vigna Radiate .


This study carried out in pots in orders to the watery extract of both of the vegetarian Dwarf mallow and Wild radish in four concentrate (0,50,75 and 100)% to study its effect on growth and yield of Mung bean plant . the current study was done in Tikrit research station of the seed Technology Center on 2013. At concentration of 100% of the Wild radish weed the inhibition of germination reach to 60% while the leaf area declined by (1043.66 and 1039.66)cm2 when treated by 100% concentration of both extract of Dwarf mallow and Wild radish respectively. The number of leafs was declined to 18.33 leaf / plant on treatment with 100% concentration of Dwarf mallow and the leaf area also declined on treated with same concentration and watch to 1034.66cm2 . The treatment of the plant Wild radish in the same concentration of this extract pod maturity decreased the pod lend 5.22cm and the number of seed in pod 6.08 seed/ pod ,with the individual plant hold also decreased to 8.43g , while the plant height number of pod and weight of 1000 seed was not significantly affected .