Effect Plant Density and Phosphatic Fertilizer of Growth and Yield of Chickpea Under Rainfed Conditions


A field experiment was conducted at Agriculture and Forestry College field / University of Mosul in winter season 2012 – 2013 . using randomized complete block design (R. C. B. D. ) with three replicates to study the effect of plant densites (21,28 and 42) plant /m2 and phosphate fertilizer (40, 60 and 80) kg / ha on some of growth and yield traits for chickpea under rainfed conditions. The results showed that plant population 21 plant / m2 was significantly superior in number of filled and empty pods / plant , number of seeds/ plant , seed yield and yield multiplication , and decrease in number of days from sowing to 50 % flowering . The phosphate fertilizer had no significantly effect on all characteristics except for the number of filled pods / plant and number of seeds / plant . The double interaction had a significant effect on all traits except field emergence percentage , Relative content for chlorophyll in leaves and number of empty pods / plant . The interaction between plant population 21 plant /m2 and two levels phosphate fertilizer 40 and 80 kg/ha gave the highest seed yield (7.66 and 7.55g).