Growth of Ba2-x PbxCa2Cu3O8+δ thin film Superconductors prepared by DC Sputtering


Structural and optical properties of Superconductors Ba2-x Pbx Ca2 Cu3 O8+δ with (x=0.0, 0.1 and 0.2) thin films prepared by DC sputtering technique on glass substrate at R.T (300) K with (150) nm thickness, have been studied. XRD analyses of the samples showed polycrystalline of multiphase structure exhibited orthorhombic phase with lattice parameter and grain size changes when increase the Pb content percentage in the sample. The surface roughness average diameter, and Root Mean Square (RMS) of the films were estimated using topographical studies by (AFM) techniques. The optical measurement within the wavelengths in the range (400-1100) nm showed that all films prepared have a direct optical energy gap, and it decrease with the increase Pb content while the optical constant such as absorption coefficient, refractive index, extinction coefficient, real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant and optical conductivity showed an opposite trend, these values increase with the increase of Pb ratio in the sample.