Constract molecular marker-based for identification some varieties of Iraqi date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) by PCR-RFLP.


This study was performed on ten varieties of Iraqi dates palm (Barhi, kiara Hamra, sugary, Zuhdi, Khstawi, Khadrawi, Tbrzel, Sayer (osta omran), Prem, Maktoum) to devise specific DNA finger print for a given class using three specialized primers within the SSR markers and then use three restricted enzymes within PCR-RFLP technique to reach the goal. one band was result from all varieties with molecular size 320bp for mpdIRD28 and 200bp for mpdIRD46 , mpdIRD01 locus respectively after performing the PCR reaction within SSR markers. The PCR-RFLP techniqae was used with three restricted enzymes HinfI, TaqI, EcoRI The results reveals the presence or absence of Restriction sites for hybrid alleles (haplotypes) in date palm.