Effect of Pomegranate Peel Extract on some Physical, Microbial and Sensory characteristics of Barker which made from Refrigerated Chicken Meat


The research aims to study the effect of using different concentrations of peel pomegranate extract included (0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 0.2%) weight has been given symbols T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, respectively, in some physical and sensory characteristics of the Barker factory of flesh chicken stock cooling (in the refrigerator) for included (0.3, 6, 9.12) day. The results showed a decrease in the pH of the samples of barker values compared with the control treatment with a note increasing decline in pH with increasing Abstract of the sample treatment concentration. The estimate viability of carrying the water has made it clear for a clear decline in this ability in the equation of control was (11.56%) and a decline less in this susceptibility when treatment concentration (0.5%) and (1%) of the extract, where was (8.80%) and (3.29% ) respectively, while noting an increase in the viability of carrying the water when increasing the concentration of the extract (1.5%) and (2%) with an average of (1.97%) and (2.96%). It showed estimate the proportion of loss of control over the cooking and the high rate of loss with increasing concentration of the transaction. The sensory evaluation of samples Albrker treatment showed superiority of certain transactions in certain qualities in while it decreased in other recipes as compared to the control treatment but generally additive did not show all the concentrations used in the study any differences are not accepted in specific and the traits did not affect the product accepted by the consumer . The results showed the numbers overall rate of microbiology contaminated samples of barker treatment, as it found that the numbers College of microorganisms was highest in the treatment T1 reaching 5.24 cfu / g and less numbers found in barker samples in the treatment T4 amounting to 4.66 cfu / g also found that total coliform numbers were the highest in the treatment of barker T1 amounting to 5.09 cfu / g and less bacterial prepare for coliform found in the T4 treatment as it stood at 4.38 cfu / g . As for the total number of yeasts and molds found in the transaction T1 amounting to 3.04 and the lowest found in the T4 treatment amounting to 2.19 cfu / g.