Selective Dissociation of Boron Isotop 11B by TEA CO2 Laser


The infrared multiphoton dissociation of Boron Trichloride (BCl3) gas molecules by transfersly excited atmospheric (TEA) CO2 laser has been studied. BCl3 molecules irradiated with different lines of TEA CO2 laser which coincided with the frequency of the absorptionspectrum of 10BCl3 and 11BCl3 compounds at a 3  vibrational mode. The mixture of of 10BCl3 and 11BCl3 has been studied in the presence of oxygen (O2) gas, where O2 gas used as a scavenger gas of the dissociation products. The TEA CO2 laser used was tuned to the 10P(20)line of the 10.6 μm, which is in resonance with the 3  mode of 11BCl3. The mass spectrometer used in isotope ratio analysis of the compounds befor and after irradiation. The enrichmentcoefficient of 10B isotop obtained was about 1.1729.