Chemical Identification of Polysaccharides Produced from Lactococcus. lactis subsp.lactis and Application in food


Was extracted and purified of the exopolysaccharide was production from Lactococcus lactis subsp.lactis, which were ; multing point 208 ℃ . and was the best solubility in water of 40 ℃ and NaOH (0.1-0.5 ) N , few solubility Formic acid ( 0.5 – 0.9 ) % and non-solubility Organic Solvents and essential viscosity limits 1.2 centi poise and molecular weight 4.3 x 10 4 dalton .the installation of the exopolysaccharide was technology HPLC is Hetero polysaccharide and the constituent is the monosacchride : Glucose and Rhaminose and the N - Acetyl Glucose Amine .exopolysccharides product was used from this bacteria in the study as thickens material in ice cream industry , The results showed the exopolysaccharide s 0.6 % impact was similar to the impact of Carboxy methyl cellulose boat in In taste and flavor and installation and strength and color when using these ice creams.