Warfarin poisoning in dogs is not unusual which is used as a rodenticide. Competitive inhibition of vitamin K with an incomplete synthesis of the coagulation factors II, VII, IX and X can lead to a significant bleeding tendency. The study was conducted at college of veterinary medicine / Basrah university to Evaluate clinical ,hematological and clotting indices in dogs in case of warfarin poisoning, which include twelve dogs of both sex at age about three years old. The animals divided to three groups equally .first group treated with 3mg warfarin tablet given orally daily,the second group treated with 5mg until the signs of poisoning appears While the third group untreated as a control. The results showed that the first group exhibited signs of warfarin poisoning like hematuria, vaginal bleeding, severe eye congestion, limping, bleeding in toe, excessive salivation, severe pale of mucus membrane in gum, hemoptysis, also the second group exhibited signs of warfarin poisoning after ten days the signs was hematuria and vaginal bleeding ,the animal showed signs of severe eye congestion, depression, weakness, and lameness ,bleeding in toe and then excessive salivation ,sever pale mucous membrane in gum, hemoptysis, blood vomit. weakness, excitement,nose bleeding, eye bleeding,protruded of eye,congestion of gum, melena and incoordination. there is significant decrease (P<0.01) in mean value of red blood cell count in dog treated with 3mg warfarin (4.09 ×106 ± o.254) as well as hemoglobin level( 9.613 g/dl±o.6085 ), packed cell volume (23.133 ±0.592) . and there is increase in mean of MCV (72. 40 fl±1.29) , MCH (23.86pg±0.52) and MCHC (32.78 g/dl ±0.50 ) which indicate macrocytic anemia . Also dogs treated with 5mg warfarin showed that the mean of red blood cell count was 3.81 ×106± 0.2347, mean of Hb was 8.30 ±1.006 g/dl and PCV 28± 2.510 with significant decrease (P<0.01) in these parameters and there is significant increase in mean of MCV,MCH. and MCHC 77.07fl±1.31 , 22.74 pg±0.49, 31.38 g/dl ±0.294 respectively . There is significant increase(P<0.01) in mean of prothrombin time and activated partial Thromboplastin Time in dogs treated with 3mg of warfarin, 1.336 ± 0.146 , 1.036 ± 0.1074 min.Respectively whencompared with control animals 0.601± 0.0863 , 0 .153±0.003min. and There is significant decrease (P>0.05) in mean value of platelets count 253.80 × 103g/l ± 18.31 compared with control group 448.12 ±52.24 . ,also there is significant increase(P<0.01) in PT. and APTT. when treated with 5mg 1.855 ±0.2039 , 1.401 ±0.1051 min.respectively,whereas the mean of platelet 240.40 × 103 g/l ± 5.39 with significant differences(P<0.01) .