Implementation of a Proposed Load-Shedding System Using Altera DE2 FPGA


A load-shedding controller suitable for small to medium size loads is designed and implemented based on preprogrammed priorities and power consumption for individual loads. The main controller decides if a particular load can be switched ON or not according to the amount of available power generation, load consumption and loads priorities. When the maximum allowed power consumption is reached and the user want to deliver power to additional load, the controller will decide if this particular load should be denied receiving power if its priority is low. Otherwise, it can be granted to receive power if its priority is high and in this case lower priority loads are automatically switched OFF in order not to overload the power generation. The main idea of the proposed LS controller is to minimize the amount of the isolated load without overloading the power system. In this paper, three versions of load shedding controller were implemented using Altera DE2-115 FPGA; with number of loads equal 32, 64 and 128 for each controller.