Study The Chemical Kinetics Properties for Adenosine Deaminase Enzyme (Aminohydrolase EC ADA In Breast Cancer Patients


This study involved(50) women with newly diagnostic breast cancer and before any treatments, their ages ranges between (26-61) years old, the patients (women) subjected to different breast cancer investigations, at this study, we concerned on one of the biochemical tools that used as indicant to breast cancer disease which is Adenosine Deaminase Enzyme (ADA),and study their chemical kinetics properties and with factors that effect on enzyme activity which includes ,The optimal activity were in pH (7.2), as well as the optimal temperatures for activity were 35ºC. and the optimal substrate and enzyme concentration were (0.034Mm) and (0.25µg/ml) respectively, and the incubation time was 30 min. The results of kinetics characterization for ADA results demonstrated Km ,Vmax, Activation energy (Ea) and Temperature coefficient Q10 values were 0.849 mM and 83mMol/l/min, 3927.17cal/mol , 2 respectively.