The internal political situation in Iraq (1968 – 1973)


It formed the period during which the Baath Party ruled Iraq coup seventeenth of July 1968 took until the seventeenth of July 1973 and the emergence of the National Front and the National Progressive, important and sensitive stage of the modern history of Iraq because of the important historical events, after the seventeenth of July 1968 coup overturned the Baathists the allies putschists and got rid of them in the thirtieth of July 1968, also said the Baathists solving the Kurdish issue and issued atheist tenth of March, a statement in 1971, which promised to give the Kurds autonomy, as well as that this period has seen the establishment of dialogues, debate between the Communist Party of the Subscribe Baath Party in government ended in 1973 issuing the National action Charter, at a time when the Baath Party stressed the Islamic movement in Iraq through arrests and liquidations carried out against belonging to this current campaign, which is also reflected on the affiliated National Movement in Iraq, and this period revealed the internal conflict at the same Baath party through the 1971 coup attempt carried out by Abdul-Ghani al-Rawi, and the 1973 coup attempt carried out by the public security chief Nazim Kzar