dsiclosal kinowlege by Sheikh HASAN-Zadeh-Amoli


See the people of gratitude that science has Inhuman Turan as by obtaining one: Science Alxba who gets by learning and earning, and to consider mental inference, it is to learn from the inside, either by direct reception, or by engaging in thinking.Either the second stage: the science Alldni, who gets by Wahab and Attraction, any gift from God Almighty, and lured him to the Almighty for a slave to the right, it flags the Lord is the mode, and this knowledge holds by inspiration, detection of is the result of that inspiration. And the designation of detection (b flag Alldni) Designation Mtarefh between Sufis and Sufi.Either it is the appearance of witnesses or the presence of the fact of the facts or the spirit of life, that is seen Mtalgaha selves, while the disclosure Mtalgaha meanings. The important characteristics of science-winning detects and witnesses, he learned directly from the adversarial type of science; the very existence of any external information that is to be present Arif reagent, and detection is divided into two parts: my photos revealed, and revealed a moral. Witnesses and divides into two parts: the partial witnesses, and witnesses the total, shows the Sheikh HASAN-Zadeh-Amoli is my hope that witnesses linked to the total infallibility.And then show the link to the human soul and the adversarial science concepts that can seize them from Alshahudah knowledge of the soul, and finally address the perceived power of the human person, such as the power of imagination, and Walqoh wise, and the power Altejelh, and heart