Conflict, the political wing and the military wing in the time of Caliph Abu Abbas, the Ripper (132- 136 e)


In the of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful The title of this research is Cpolitical wing and the military wing in the time of calih Abu Abbas cutthroat (132- 136h) .After he got rid of the Islamic Ummah state Umayyad (41 – 132h) encouraged by good virtue Hashemite famly Abbasid them but apparentlynot much different from its predecessor it Bbdaathe seemd frantic struggle between the political and military power driven by several factorys , including political ,ideological tribal and personal interests and other factors and causes and motivesthat led to this conflict .Iwanted through my research that Iput aclear pictorye of the political and mitiary conflict in the daration of the rule of Abu Abbas cutthroat envisaged cautious and trying to detect events that darken them and appearedin scientific manner simpli fied away from exaggeration and bias toward one party or another ,relying on a lot of sources and historical references discreet following the approach scientifically what you can afford the expenses cam Out the following conclusions .First : were not the ligyidation of the political wing of the military wing or vice versa but his moment of receipt Abu Abbas cutthroat caliphate but was much earlier so when re commended Ibrahim Imam Abu muslim Khorasani recommended ashis famous (kill the gu estionedhim ) that command ment taken by the Ripper and the concrete Abu muslim pilgrimage to kill a lot of rivals those commandment alsotaken by most of of the political wing leaders and military success age marching them to liguidate their opponents for one another .Sacond : that of Abu Abbas cannot eliminate all the opponents of the short duration of his reign if the duration Makon Abbasids rulers Abbasids with a lot of pockets and the remnants of the Umayyad and the strength of his opponents state which led him to be patient , but it may draw aclear policy for those byond the diagnosis Hola opponents of the political and military wings to emliminate them later .