((Syntactic and semantic functions of conjunctions)) ((When Moradi))


Grammatical studies linked to accurate knowledge of significance, and therefore linked to the value of grammarians grammatical studies semantic performance through context. Scientists warn of the relationship between the word and its meaning, although there a link between the pronunciation and significance, grammar The change results in a change in the meaning and significance.Arab grammarians worked on the study of characters working and showed the value of these grammatical and semantic characters, and the Department of grammarians letters meanings into groups devised its terms are compatible and function of the semantic and syntactic.The study on the detection of semantic and syntactic functional characteristics that may be specific to conjunctions, and the characters sympathetic in Arabic, letters stating the link between two words or two sentences, which are characters that fall within the structures of the functions of grammatical and semantic, combines Mattov and Mattov it, and be Almattov follower Mattov for him to express. It serves the function of syntactic, semantic and function of the gain from the context.