Extraneous words in ancient Arabic Almagamat - Study and Lexicon –


This thesis collects extraneous words from the ancient Arabic Almagamat starting glossary [eye] of Khalil bin Ahmed Faraaheedi [d. 175 AH], and the end of the glossary [bride crown jewels of the dictionary] to Murtada al-Zubaidi [d. 1205 AH] and documented.The importance of the study of the intruder in the ancient Arab Almagamat in being the subject of a virgin; as never before - in the range of Alalm- from his lesson and collect his words as we have done in this research humble opinion, and the fact that these words are scattered in the old Arab Almagamat, it is difficult for the reader be mastered Stadtha, but I thanks God Almighty, then the intensive efforts made by you can extrapolate all Magamat words and ancient meanings, and BI words extraneous them and counted and recorded, has words of exotic collected through extrapolation old Almagamat fully extrapolated, with a total of one hundred and six words, has been limited to words without compositions coherent We discussed with the title, and was confined to the old Almagamat; many modern universe and can not be accounted for.In conclusion, I say that this research is only a modest contribution to the collection of old Magamatna included the words of an outsider, and Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds