Studying the structural and morphological properties of ZnO nanoparticles using Pulse Laser Ablation techniquen ( PLA) in liquid


In this work, Zno nanoparticles were fabricated by laser ablation of zinc target (purity of 99.99%) immersed in distilled water (DW) prepared on glass substrate by using the radiation of Nd:YAG laser (532 nm) operating at different laser pulses(1000, 1500, 2000) by 1Hz repetition rate, effective beam diameter of 4.8 mm and 10 ns pulse width. Laser energy was kept constant at (800) mJ. The Optimmaum condition of preparation was 2000 pulses with excellent structural (XRD) revealed that 4 with values of 36.32, 45.74, 56.76 and 68.08 degree, and morphology field emission scanning electron miceoscope (FESEM) properties