Preparation of Tio2 nanoparticles by laser ablation in methanol solution


In this work, Tio2 nanoparticles prepared by pulse laser ablation(PLA) of titanium target (purity of 99.99%) immersed in methanol solution by focused beam of 532 nm pulsed used Nd:YAG laser operating at different laser pulses in range (1000, 1500, 2000) pulses with 1Hz repetition rate, effective beam diameter 4.8 mm and 10 ns pulse width. Laser energy was kept constant at (900) mJ. The effects of methanol solution and number of laser pulses on the structural properties (XRD) and morphology (FESEM) was study. From XRD measurment have been revealed that 4peaks with 2θ values of 27.160, 36.2, 54.7 and 69.02 degree, corresponding to TiO2 crystal planes of (110), (101), (211) and (301) respectively at 2000 pulses in methanol solvent after heating at temperature 85 oC for 45 minute.