Attitudes of Agricultural Extension Workers in Sulaimani Governorate toward Agricultural Publications and its Relationship with Some Variables


Purpose research is identifying agricultural extension workers' attitudes in Sulaimani governorate toward agricultural prints and its relationship with some variables. The Research population including 136 of workers in agricultural extension department – General directorate of Agriculture and Water resources in Sulaimani governorate, except the reconnaissance sample of 20 workers .a questioner form was used, winch is consisting of two parts: the first part was included general data concerning independent variables, second: included trends measuring depending fifth Likert scale. Then the data were collected by personal interview method, the most important statistical tools used in analyzing data were: Percentage, means, standard deviation, Correlation Coefficientand Spearman Brown coefficient. Result the most important results that the large majority of respondents attitudes neutrality tend to positive attitude toward agricultural publishing, As regards to personal and functional variables showing that %76.51 of the respondents in the age group 48-58 years and more than half respondents are male % 66.91 , %54.45 of those who are obtaining the Institute certificates and preparatory of agriculture while the majority of respondents within other departments of scientific specialization of academic categories was %76.48, regarding to the use of variable respondent fields in respect to agricultural publications, shows that the majority of them used a various fields of agricultural prints, which were reached % 68.39, and %81.33 of respondents who are getting agricultural prints from various sources. The results also showed that there were significant relationships trends according to the variables: Age, Gender, Use of agricultural publications, Access to Agricultural publications. While no significant relationships trends according to variables: Getting Study level –academic specialization.Recommendation: a series of recommendation, can be proposed, the most important:1.Important for increasing the interest of publishing the agricultural information through media, with focusing on printings, content and the purpose of these information by sending them the workers in agricultural sector by government media organization and non-government media organization.2.Important for Attention should be given to prepare specialist staff of media by colleges and institutes related to agricultural media academic specializations, Or opening new prospects of specialized media by the Ministry of agriculture and water sources in order to prove staff of traits media man qualifications, who has a knowledge, skill and familiarity of responsibility and knowledge of reality the needs of a mass after graduating or after participation in special training courses.