Effect concentration on spectral properties of Rhodamin 6G dye


The spectral properties (absorption and fluorescence) of R6G dye dissolved in acetone were studied for different concentrations (5x10-6, 1x10-5, 5x10-5, 1x10-4, and 5x10-4) mol/l. The results showed that, increase in the absorption intensity with the increased concentration which are found in agreement with Beer – Lambert law. And, shift the absorption and fluorescence spectrum with increase the concentration of the sample. The quantum efficiency of the R6G dye solution were (98.53%, 97.55%, 71.7%, 51.24, and 33.27%) for all concentration respectively, and also, the overlap between the absorption spectrum and the fluorescence decreases with increasing concentration, which, can be due to increase of stokes shift, with increases concentration of the dye solution and this case reduce self-absorption process.