Evaluating the Fish Structure Community at Euphrates River near Al-Hindyah Barrier, Babylon Province/ Iraq


The structure of fish the community was evaluated before and after Al-Hindyah barrier at Euphrates River, Babylon Province/ Iraq during the period from June 2014 to May 2015. A total of 2389 fishes belonged to 15 fish species were collected and reached to 461.5 Kg of total weights. These fishes were represented by:- 1- A total of l064 fish number reached 217.75 kg of total weight were cached Before Al-Hindyah Barrier. Fishes represent 13 species and 12 of them belonged to Cyprinidae and only one fish species belongs to Mugilidae. According to fish occurrence in sampling, there were 3 fish species were be as Resident, on the other hand, 5 fish species for each seasonal and rare groups. The seasonal values of 8.8 for fish species, of 266 for numbers and of 54.44 Kg /hour for catches. 2- A total of 2389 fishes were sampled after Al-Hindyah Barrier reached 461.5 kg in total weight. These fishes represents 15 species belonged to three families, 13 of them for Cyprinidae, one for each Mugilidae and Heteropneustidae. Fish groups of resident, seasonal and rare were represented by 5, 3 and 7 species respectively. The seasonal mean values of 10.5 for fish species, of 331.3 for fish number and its weight and 85.94 Kg /hour for catches. The section of Euphrates River after Al-Hindyah Barrier was suitable and comfortable for fish composition and distribution more than the other one before the Barrier.