Assessment of Trophic Status for East Al-Hammar Marsh Using Trophic State Index (TSI)


The present study aims to assess the Trophic status (TSI) to the East Hammar Marsh spatially and seasonally, and evaluate the effect of nutrient load to the aquatic environment. The samples were collected monthly from three stations, with a certain field measurements (temperature and transparency) in addition to the laboratory analysis (total phosphorus and chlorophyll - a). The results showed that the highest values for the water temperature was recorded during August, while the lowest value of transparency was recorded at station 3 during February, while the highest value recorded in station 1 during December; the highest value for the total phosphorus recorded in station 3 during February; while the highest value of chlorophyll - a recorded in station 1 during March. Values of TSI in station 1 and 2 were placed between mesotrophic and oligotrophic; while at third station values were ranged between Eutrophic and oligotrophic ,increasing in values of TSI due to increasing in level of rains and increase drainage of nearby farmland, which led to the high level of organic matter and nutrients.