Detection of Gliotoxin in Patients with Pulmonary Aspergillosis


Objective: This study was designed to detection of gliotoxin in patients with pulmonary Aspergillosis . Method: A total of 100 samples (sputum and blood) were selected from 100 outpatients who attended to Al-Qadissiyia Centre of Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, , during the period from 2014 to May 2015. All patients had clinical manifestation in addition to 100 sample (sputum and blood) as control group.Results: All patients infected with fungi and three different genus isolated from sputum of patients ,these genus are Aspergillus sp. 60 Isolates( 60%)with three species were A.fumigatus (50%) A.flavus(33.3%) and A.niger (16.6% )Cryptococcus neoformans (20%) Penicillum sp.(14%) and Rhizopus sp.(6%). Seventy nine (79%) from patients had gliotoxin distributed in their sputum and serum by ratio (71%) and 5 (5%) had GT in their serum while 3 (3%) of them had GT in their sputum.. So this toxin was found in50(5%) in control group distributed in sputum and serum by (40%) , 6(6%)in sputum and 4(4%)in serum. The concentration of GT in sputum of patients was (40-63µg/kg) and in sputum of control group was (16-23µg/kg) and in serum of patients was (33-47µg/kg) and (10-21µg/kg) in serum of control group. and all A.fumigatus isolates 30 (100 %)were have gliz gene.Conclusion: Several species of Aspergillus and other fungi as well as possibly yeast, produced gliotoxin both in vitro and in vivo. More attention should be paid to this mycotoxin because of its multi-faceted toxic properties.