A Studing Of the Optical Properties Of ZnO thin film doped (ZnO)1-x(SeO2)x By (Sol-Gel spin coating)


In This research prepeared Pure (ZnO) thin film was done by using (spin coating Sol-Gel ) method and doped(ZnO)1-x(SeO2)xas (x= 2.5%)molar ratio from the (SeO2)to get the(ZnO)1-x(SeO2) and annealing temperature(400,500,600)C°.the measurement of the Optical properities absorbance and transmittance of (ZnO)، (ZnO)1-x(SeO2) were studies by using the (Uv-Visible ) spectrophotometer in the wave length rang (300-1100nm), Calculated energy band gap of thin films with study the effect of temperature on prepeared thin film .