Investigate the relation between Polymorphism of IL-13 gene and Asthma at Thi-Qar province/ IRAQ


The current study was conducted at the Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Thi- Qar province, during the period from October 2014 to May 2015. The study aimed to investigate polymorphism of IL-13 gene in patients with Asthma. The study included a total of 100 patients with asthma (32 males) and (68 females) and there aged between 17-62 years, and 50 individual healthycontrol. DNA was isolated and PCR was performed using primers specific for the IL-13 gene, the results showed the presence of mutations in a sample of 48 out of 100 patients with asthma at site 1112C/T after using restriction enzyme BstUI. The results of the statistical analysis showed correlation between the occurrence of the disease and the emergence of mutation (C/T) in the promoter region of IL-13 gene when compared with the healthy control in population of Thi-qar province.