The most important difference in the religion of Buddhism The important Buddhism groups


God Almighty created all human beings and violated the common sense to be worshipers of Him Almighty do not associate anything with him, but the devil swore by the Lord of pride to spoil this instinct, to get them out of the worship of the one God Sunday to worship idols and idols.This is what we find in the Indian subcontinent, the Far East, Mongolia, Japan and China, where they are all nations of ancient civilizations, in which there are dozens of religions and beliefs in this way, such religious religions or human philosophies, Buddhism, The three, the Mahayana, the Mina-Yana, the Hina-Yana, and the Vajra-Yana.Therefore, the search for these teams, and their history is very important, because of the great importance in the culture of Muslim preachers, in addition to the religion of Buddhism among the curriculum, and the ultimate goal is to research the origins of this religion, to find the threads of light here Or there, to be a proof of the advocate and reason to open the windows wider for generations to come in order to have access to the followers of this religion from the closest religious groups to us, and the provision of Islam in a moderate and mediocre where it is a new breakthrough, and on the path of the righteous ancestors.The most important difficulties that I have encountered during my written research books (the most important difference in the religion of Buddhism) are the lack of sources, if any, the most important is in English and has been requested to be translated by specialists, or found on the Internet.