Independent administrative authorities and their role in conflict resolution (Competition Council model) A comparative study


Abstract The economic field for any society and in any country is the foundation for achieving stability and tranquility for the individual through meeting his daily needs from the market. The state supports this stability through its means and directions in this field to reach the desired objectives of the state intervention in this field.So began to appear something Vishay bodies granted various powers to enable them to perform the role that was carried out by the State in the past, and these bodies began to specialize with the passage of time in certain sectors of the economy without others, which created a kind of specialization and confidence in the performance of these bodies based on this basis.Therefore, with the emergence of these bodies, which were later referred to as "independent administrative bodies" or "independent administrative authorities", as a general term, , And through special laws under the umbrella of (independent administrative authorities), for example, which we will focus on - the Competition Council (competition authority) as some would call it and what the Council is doing of the powers and disciplines assigned to it, According to the legal system of each State Adopted it.