Spectrophotometric method for the microdetermination of methyl and propyl paraben in some detergents through charge transfer complex


Simple Spectral method was developed to estimate the methyl and propyl paraben through charge- transfer (CT) complexes. The method involves the interaction of parabens compounds with o-chloranil as π-acceptor. Under the optimized conditions, the complexes were found to be absorbed at 415 and 385 nm with in the linearity range of 5-40 and 5-55 μg ml-1 respectively. The molar absorptivity values were in the range 3803.75 and 2342.6 L.mol-1.cm-1 respectively. And the lower limit of detection were in the rang 0.073 and 0.086 µg/ml-1 for methyl and propyl respectively. The stoichiometry of the paraben compounds o-chloranil complexes was found to be 1:1 method. The procedure was characterized by its simplicity with accuracy and precision. The proposed method was applied successful in some detergents (shampoo and lotion) containing paraben compounds.