Compression image sharing using DCT- Wavelet transform and coding by Blackely method


The increased use of computer and internet had been related to the wide use of multimedia information. The requirement for protecting this information has risen dramatically. To prevent the confidential information from being tampered with, one needs toapply some cryptographic techniques. Most of cryptographic strategies have one similar weak point that is the information is centralized.To overcome this drawback the secret sharing was introduced. It’s a technique to distribute a secret among a group of members, suchthat every member owns a share of the secret; but only a particular combination of shares could reveal the secret. Individual sharesreveal nothing about the secret. The major challenge faces image secret sharing is the shadow size; that's the complete size of the lowestneeded of shares for revealing is greater than the original secret file. So the core of this work is to use different transform codingstrategies in order to get as much as possible the smallest share size. In this paper Compressive Sharing System for Images UsingTransform Coding and Blackely Method based on transform coding illustration are introduced. The introduced compressive secretsharing scheme using an appropriate transform (Discrete cosine transform and Wavelet) are applied to de-correlate the image samples,then feeding the output (i.e., compressed image data) to the diffusion scheme which is applied to remove any statistical redundancy orbits of important attribute that will exist within the compressed stream and in the last the (k, n) threshold secret sharing scheme, where nis the number of generated shares and k is the minimum needed shares for revealing. For making a certain high security level, eachproduced share is passed through stream ciphering depends on an individual encryption key belongs to the shareholder.