Some Special Personal Characteristics and their Effect on Purchasing Decision Making


This research aims at studying the relationship and effect of some consumers' special personal characteristics ( such as face color, eyes color, hair color) which are independent variables and the purchasing decision making of formal male clothes which is a dependent variable The primary data of the study was collected through a questionnaire which was distributed on random class sample ( 180 men) buying this type of clothes in Baghdad . The study was conducted by using two methods- personal interview and surveying- of a number of the buyers and sellers of the clothes in Baghdad The study showed that there is apositive coefficient correlation in various degrees between the variables and there is significant effect of the two independent variables (face color and eyes color), while there is non-significant effect of the hair color variable in the dependent variable through using the variance analysis-Test F .The research set up some recommendations for serving the organizations which produce , market and distribute formal male clothes.