The innovative tourism marketing mix an approach to acquiring competitive advantage: Analytical study of opinion sample from five star hotel managers in Erbil City


AbstractThe current research purpose to highlight the role played by the innovative marketing mix of the tourism sector in achieving competitive advantage through its adaptation as a marketing tool that contributes to building a crucible of modern trends aimed to satisfy the needs of customers and meet their desires as the focus of the marketing work, as well as the pursuit of touristic organizations in general and hotels organizations in particular to engage its customers in identifying marketing trends and building a distinct mental status of the organization in their minds through the long-term benefits accruing to the organization, and leading to achieve a competitive edge. The research was done on five star hotels in the city of Erbil, and descriptive analytical method was adopted to test hypotheses, and the research reached a set of conclusions and came up with a crucible of recommendations for the organization researched in a manner that enhances its competitive advantage in the marketing.