Networks Security and data transmission using Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology


Considered the MPLS network is the future for all the needs and applications of networks and most efficient .With the development of companies and organizations to keep pace with the ever-changing business climate, companies’ networking needs are becoming more dynamic. Their networks must be able to transfer sophisticated applications quickly and efficiently while minimizing costs. MPLS is a technology that can be very beneficial to companies and this paper outlines what MPLS is, the benefits that MPLS delivers and how MPLS can satisfy companies -networking requirements. But the problem is when they went all the companies and service providers to the Internet Protocol IP, it has become important to find a more efficient way approve of this type of approach, MPLS simplifies the network infrastructure by allowing the improvement of multiple technologies and applications such as voice, video and data. MPLS provides enhanced security & high availability through the below-mentioned theories & analysis we can see that the MPLS is faster than traditional routing technique. If we can improve hardware facilities and software platform by real-time routers then we can notice the significant difference. This is indicated by the work paper from improving the performance of data transfer to ensure confidentiality and speed of transfer.