Effect of some Canopy Management of Vine on Vegetative Growth and some Mechanical Characters of Three Grape Cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.)


This study was investigated in grape –orchard of Tikrit Agriculture college –Horticulture & land scape design department - Salah Aldin – Iraq The Study the effect of Variety & bearing of beds in grape – vine & Vegetative system management in vegetative growth and some mechanical characters of berry of European grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) var Halwani & Dees – Al-anz and Black Hamburg which Pergola system caned .The training would he done 12 fev 2013, lest 72 eyes. Vine -1 (6 canes) 84 eyes vine-1 (7canes), 96 eyes vine-1 (8 canes) Canes length was 12 eyes. Split - Split- Plot design was wood with 4 Replicate, Results were analyzed by SAS the mean were compared at Duncan test multiple borders At 5%.The results were summarized at the tables investigated that Halwani had superiority compared with other varieties in leaves area for main branch secondary branch vine leaves area fruit removal fore's compactness which were, 3367.00 cm2 , branch-1 , 769.833 cm2.br-1 , 27.685m2 vine-1, 506 gm. and 2281.67 cm2. While Black Hamburg had superiority in berries compactness which was 1443 as well as the 72 eyes. vine-1 had superiority in principle branch leaves area 3348.08 cm2.b-1, Secondary branch 753.417 cm2-b-1 , berry compactness 488.438 am ,berries hardness 2087.900 gm.cm2.Apical cut treatment had superiority in branch leave area total branch 825.222 cm2. br-1 leaves area vine 24.022 cm2.vine-1 berry compactness was 1.643 which removal of lawful loramcl with leavers & control treatment had superiority in principle bread leave area 3293.11 cm2.branch-1 3350.11 cm2.br-1, 3215.22 cm2. br-1 and the same treatment had superiority in removal fruit force 467.472 , 463.778 gm. , 472.583 bears compactness 1992.53gm. cm2 & 1986-11 gm.cm2 , 2016 gr cm2.