The Effect of Orphan Lamb Drenching with Methionine and Lysine in Growth Rate, Rumen Parameters, and some of Hematological and Blood Biochemical Parameters


Twenty orphan awassi lamb aged (10day) with average weights (4.42 kg) were assigned into three groups fed on little amount of milk by suckling from three foster mothers twice daily at the morning and the evening in addition to Alfalfa hay leaves freely. The Second, third and fourth treatment include the Drenching with (5 g/d methionine, 5 g/d lysine, 5 g methionine + 5g lysine) Respectively in addition to the control group. The experiment lasted for six weeks were divided into three experimental periods. To revealed the effect of nutritional treatments on growth rate, rumen parameters, and some of blood biochemical and hematological parameters. The results indicated that the drenching with amino acids especially the mixture of methionine and lysine caused significant increases (P<0.05) in weights, weight gain and average of daily weight gain in addition to the blood protein, albumin and hemoglobin, with significant decrease (P<0.05) in blood urea. There were no significant differences in rumen parameters (ph, ammonia and bacteria account) in addition to blood glucose, globulin, triglycerides, RBC account, WBC account and PLT account.